DNA- Jewellery Care Sheet

Treat your remembrance Missing Peace Jewellery like the precious keepsake they are. Your jewellery can be damaged without proper care and precautions. The following guidelines can be applied to all our jewellery:

 Avoid extended exposure to UV light as UV light can cause the resin to irreversibly yellow and fade the colours within the piece over time.

 Avoid exposure to high heat. Exposure to high heat can cause a temporary softening of resin making it more susceptible to scuffs. The softening is temporary and your jewellery will return to its full hardness once it returns to normal temperature.

 Avoid excess exposure to water and moisture. Remove your jewellery for bathing, hand washing, hot tubs and swimming.

 Avoid contact with chemicals. Ensure your jewellery stays clear from lotions, sprays, cleaning chemicals or perfumes, as these may dull or roughen the surface of your jewellery.

 Avoid contact with materials that could stain your jewellery. Heavily dyed clothing that can bleed colour, makeup, spices or foods, tinted lotion, markers and similar items can stain the resin.

 Keep your jewellery safe. Check your jewellery regularly prior to wear. While your remembrance jewellery is professionally set, ensure your jewellery is in good condition prior to wearing as any bumps may cause the gem to fall from the jewellery setting.

 Clean your jewellery carefully. If resin or metal is in need of a shine, they can be buffed gently with a soft buffing cloth. Do not use any type of polishing solution on or around your jewellery. When necessary, a quick rinse with warm water and a mild soap can be done, though you should carefully inspect your jewellery post-cleaning any time this is performed