Welcome to My Missing Peace, a place dedicated to supporting you to find comfort, connection and closure after the loss of your little one.

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Regardless of days, months or years passed we’ll help you bring love to the missing piece in your heart.


Hello, I’m Sarah Murnane. I went through four early-pregnancy losses. I know the pain and heartache that accompanies them. I very clearly remember the feeling of insurmountable loss and emptiness—a feeling I thought would never go away.

 These moments in time were deeply challenging, especially because I didn’t have anything to remember my unborn babies by. I searched for something—anything that could help me fill this inner void. Unfortunately, everything I found consisted of generic toys or trinkets that were often aimed at later gestations. I wanted something sincere and bespoke that really spoke to my heart. That’s how My Missing Peace was born.

Here you’ll find a tailored and thoughtful gift. It’s something physical that we can both hold onto and always remember our babies through.

Did you know we donate 10% of all sales to Sands each month?

The hearts Collection


A beautiful collection of hearts carefully handmade to bring peace and love to your own heart.

To explore our HEART collections, come this way.

Memorial pieces

Handmade with love

Real size babies

5-12 weeks gestation