Archie and the Water Method- 17 weeks

I want to introduce you to the beautiful Archie, he was born sleeping at 17 weeks.
* Please know there is photos of beautiful Archie on this page.  

On the 30th of Jan 2022 Archie was born, his mum Caitlin had done some research on the water method that can be used after a baby has passed away  wanted to give it a go and now wants to help other parents know about this method. 

What is the water method?
The water method is when baby is completely submerged in cold water. Caitlin also added some Ice and waited for it to melt before adding more and this was the outcome. (See Archies photos)
The water method has been around for a little while but is not well known and most hospitals have never heard of it. The water method helps preserve baby for a lot longer and help bring out some beautiful features. They look a lot like they would have in the womb which is very special to see.

Water method baby loss

 What you need:
* A container (preferably clear and must be large enough for baby to be fully submerged) 
* Cold tap water or Saline solution 
* Ice ( this is optional but needed if you don't have somewhere cold like a fridge)

This method is great for hospitals as no extra equipment is needed.

Caitlins Story :

Thank you all so much, I’m so grateful for all your love and kind words for my little man. It means so so much.
So I was aware for a few weeks before that we were going to lose Archie so I done a lot of research into what I would expect to see and go through.
I came across an article that a mother wrote after losing her baby at 20 weeks and she had done the water method with her baby and the pictures were amazing. All she simply done was submerge her daughter in cold tap water and waited and as time went on her babies colour started to come back and the skin started to get moisture and the excess skin that was peeling started to dissolve. You could also see her little features.
I thought there wasn’t anything to lose in trying it and it could only help the picture I’d have in my head for the rest of my life and I’m so so thankful I did it.
All I did was bring a plastic container in with me to the birthing unit and then after a fair few hours of spending time, loving and hugging our son we got some cold water from the midwifes and put him in. As time went on I did add some Ice and waited for it to melt before adding more and this was the outcome. Every time I looked at him or the midwife came in he has changed and gotten more prominent features and more colour was appearing. I could see everything.
This was a first in this hospital and this amazed everyone that seen him 🙂
It was amazing for us as parents to be able to see Archie this way and get a glimpse as to what and who our little man would have been. Me and his dad got so much peace and closure using this method and it made the whole process so much easier. It helped us grieve in a way I didn’t think was possible and we feel very at ease. I’m so grateful and so thankful that we got to do this.
Here is a photo of my Archie just before putting him in and 12 hours after.

Water method baby loss
*The darker hands, mark on his chest and face are from ink 
Archie water method
As a heartfelt photographer in Australia I really believe this method needs to be shared widely, this will help many parents who experience loss. Thank you Caitlin and Archie for helping so many families have this option. 

Photos are not to be used without written approval from Caitlin.