Product Disclaimer


As some of you may know My Missing Peace is a small business that is not working with big industrial machines, all products are handmade, therefore your item may have contained some of the following:

Air bubbles are certainly an issue we face on a regular basis. This is something that happens during the production process and is unavoidable. If we feel there are too many bubbles, we will create your order again, but we must allow a tolerance for some air bubbles.

Visible resin runs on the side of the product. When we are coating your product to ensure a beautiful shinny finish, it is possible for there to be some resin runs on the sides. This in turn can add some extra resin to the back of the product also.

Colour missing on my writing. When adding words, custom name and date or purchasing any product that contains writing it can sometime appear to be missing the colour in some places. Please know that this is not the case, this again happens during production and unfortunately despite all reasonable efforts taken, we still see this happening, but on a minimal level. Again, if we feel that this is detrimental to the product, we will re-make the order.

My Missing Peace takes extreme care, love, time and respect when making each order so as it can be as perfect as possible for you, on occasion there may be an issue as listed above that was unavoidable. Please be aware that we do not accept returns based on the above. We are happy for you to return a product so as we can attempt to remove/repair the issues, but this would be at your expense for shipping to and from and there is no guarantee that it would be any better.


If you have any further questions regarding this please feel free to contact us at: