colour choices

Colour Options

Here are some of our colour options that are available for specific items in our shops.
These may look slightly different due to lighting and amount of colour mixed varies each time.

1 .  Deep Pastel Pink
2. Pastel Blue
3. Pastel Purple
4. Musky Pink (shimmer)
5. Blue  (shimmer)
6. Oasis blue (shimmer)
7. Ocean blue (shimmer)
8. Purple (shimmer)
9. Turquoise
10. Yellow
11. Brown (shimmer)
12. Agate Blue
13. Mustard
14. Deep red
15. Copper
16. Deep dark forest green
17. Gold
18. Silver
19. Blue (shimmer)
20. Light  pastel pink
21. Light pastel purple
22. Light pastel blue
23. Light pastel green
24. Pink
25. Red
26. Silver glitter
27. Mermaid colour shift green-blue (shimmer)
28. Blue (shimmer)
29. Pink (shimmer)
30. Purple (shimmer)
31. Green (shimmer)
32. Rose Gold (shimmer)
33. White with slight pink (shimmer)
34.Deep Purple (shimmer)
35. Light purple (shimmer)
36. Mermaid colour shift Blue-green (shimmer)
37. Candy Pink-Purple(shimmer)
38. Light green (shimmer)
39. Evergreen (shimmer)
40. Blue-green (shimmer)
41. Emerald  (shimmer)
42. Red (shimmer)
43. Violet - Blue based (shimmer)
44. Violet - red based (shimmer)
45. White with slight blue (shimmer)
46.  White with slight violet (shimmer)
47. Sky blue (shimmer)
48. Salmon
49. Pink
50. Blue
51. Pearl Orange
52. Apple Green (shimmer)
53. Flamingo Pink (shimmer)
54. Turquoise (shimmer)


Flake Options

Here are the options we have available for flakes:

FL:1  Imitation gold flakes (we have real 24K gold on request)
FL:2 White to pink
FL:3 Pink
FL:4 Orange
FL:5 Opal
FL:6 Yellow bright
FL:7 Multi-colour shift
FL:8 Green
FL:9 Purple
FL:10 Yellow
FL:11 yep I forgot one hahah
FL:12 silver
FL:13 White with Yellow, Pink Shimmer
FL:14 Pink
FL:15 Turquoise (blue/green)
FL:16 Peach Bright ( orange/pink)