Angel card - Mail and Digital
Angel card - Mail and Digital

Angel card - Mail and Digital

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The hardest thing I found loosing my baby early was not knowing what sex my baby was. I felt the need to know became overwhelming and as a very spiritual person who often uses angel cards to get me through tough times I have now made my own to not only help heal myself but others. 

These beautiful cards are a set of cards that have been infused with the energy of Celestite a crystal that helps with communication and receiving messages from our angels. 

These cards not only tell us the sex of our babies but also their amazing personalities. 

If you would like a reading done with these cards we have two options where you are sent just the digital copy of the card chosen or you can get a hard copy of the card. THIS LISTING IS FOR DIGITAL AND MAILING
Please see here for digital only


Once you have ordered I will sit down (may taker a few days) and ask the angels to give us a message just like other card decks like tarot and oracle cards. Then I will choose one that I am drawn to or that jumps out of the deck. I will then send you that card.

What are Angel card readings? They tap into the energy of our angel guides to help send us messages to our questions. Our readings focus on a specific question about who our babies would have been.