Next premade release will be May 4th at 2.30pm Melb Aus time.

PREORDER | 13 weeks

PREORDER | 13 weeks

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This piece is a preorder for a 13 week baby, this is not a custom piece. You will get to choose if it is for a boy, girl or gender neutral but not what colours ect. Please note the piece will be completely up to the artist, if you aren't ok with that please wait for another premade release. 

The turn around time for these pieces can average around 12 weeks. 


This beautiful piece is a remembrance baby. These remembrance babies are the exact size for their gestational week.
The back side of these babies is flat as they are made so it can be mounted in a shadow box or placed flat.

All pieces are handmade and have imperfections like bubbles, dints, light scratches. Please ensure you are happy with this piece before buying as there is no refunds on premade items.